Osseous Surgery

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When it comes to periodontal disease, osseous surgery can restore the health of your gums and save your natural teeth. To see if you’re a candidate for this procedure, visit Shalini Sethi, DDS in Maryland. As a periodontics and implant specialist, Dr. Sethi helps children and adults maintain healthy smiles with personalized, professional care. Click to book an appointment or call the office to schedule a visit today.

Osseous Surgery Q & A

What is osseous surgery?

Osseous surgery, also called pocket depth reduction, is an effective treatment for periodontal disease. Gum pockets can form when the tissue around a tooth starts to recede, usually due to bacteria or an underlying infection.

With osseous surgery, Dr. Sethi can pull back the tissue of the pocket and remove harmful bacteria. This creates a healthy environment for the tooth, saving it from extraction.

Dr. Sethi typically recommends osseous surgery if more conservative treatments have been unsuccessful, or if the depth of your gum pockets has gotten worse over time.

How does osseous surgery work?

Before starting the surgery, Dr. Sethi numbs the treatment area with a local anesthetic. She makes an incision in the gum tissue and lifts it away from the tooth to access the underlying bone and tissue. Then, she cleans the surface of the tooth and the surrounding area to remove bacteria and plaque.

Next, Dr. Sethi smooths the surface of the bone so bacteria can no longer eat away at the tooth, and she trims the gum tissue to fit over the new structure of the tooth. Finally, she stitches it into place so it can heal in the right position.

What can I expect after osseous surgery?

Slight swelling is normal after osseous surgery. An ice pack can help to reduce inflammation and pain; Dr. Sethi may also prescribe pain medication. The treated tooth may be more sensitive to hot and cold.

You’ll return to the office in about 6-10 days so Dr. Sethi can remove your stitches. Then, about one month after your procedure, you’ll have a follow-up appointment where Dr. Sethi will check your gum health.

Why should I consider osseous surgery?

With the experience, training, and technology to deliver the best results, Dr. Sethi and her team can restore your gums to perfect health with osseous surgery. With reduced pocket depth and good oral hygiene practices, you can avoid tooth extraction and eliminate periodontal disease for good.

To learn more about osseous surgery or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sethi, call or book online today.